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Friday, 12 November 2010

Coutts Private Banking Services - QUEEN'S BANKERS CHAIRMAN LORD WALDEGRAVE - Offshore Accounts "Numbered" Money Laundering Tax Evasion Criminal "Standard of Proof" Prosecution Files - CABINET OFFICE MINISTER OLIVER LETWIN MP *** LUCY WYLDE GC SOLICITOR *** SLAUGHTER & MAY SOLICITORS - Carroll Trust - Biggest Organised Crime Case

Lucy Wylde Partner "Slaughter and May" G.J.H. Carroll Trust

In sensational new criminal allegations in the Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars cross-border offshore tax evasion fraud case it has also been revealed that the HM Treasury legal advisors Slaughter & May were paid a bewildering thirty two million pounds in legal fees to prop up most of the bankrupt British banking system. If this was not enough shocking news for the taxpayer the follow through has been massive bonuses paid out to these banking institutions now partly owned by the taxpayer who paid the Slaughter & May bill. Hard on the heels of this horrific "abuse of power" by 10 Downing Street and the HM Treasury further shocking disclosures in the Carroll Trust case are understood to now involve new explosive dossiers which are believed to have been obtained by the FBI Headquarters elite law enforcement officers charged with this major case of international importance.

Sources have revealed that the Slaughter & May partner Lucy Wylde who has now been appointed as a high level UK Government official was at the time "on loan" to the HM Treasury department whilst this shocking expenditure was incurred. It has now been further disclosed that Lucy Wylde is also the Carroll Foundation Trust lawyer "named" in the FBI Scotland Yard files. Further sources have said that these dossiers contain forged and falsified tax haven corporations directly "linked" to fraudulent HSBC International offshore "numbered bank accounts" which effectively impulsed this massive tax fraud heist operation which stretches the globe.

Well seasoned financial observers in the City of London and New York have remarked that the Slaughter & May partners Lucy Wylde Glen James and Simon Hall are believed to be also seriously implicated in the parallel US Department of Justice Carroll Maryland Trust FBI files surrounding the "fraudulent incorporation" of Delaware "registered" Carroll Trust corporations which also provided a "corporate criminal screen" for this huge tax evasion scam spanning three continents.

NSA Fort Meade NSA Carroll County LIVE FEEDS

The FBI Washington DC field office elite organised crime officers charged with this major national security public interests case have obtained specimen exhibits of the forged and falsified State of Delaware "registered" Carroll Trust Corporations which are = linked = to tax haven Gibraltar British Virgin Islands and Bahamas offshore = numbered bank accounts = which effectively impulsed the criminal liquidation and embezzlement of over one billion dollars of Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust world wide interests.

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